Hovhannes Petrosyan


Work with PHP

Vigen Yeghoyan is one of the co-founders and shareholders of PHP Partners CJSC and the head of the Accounting Services of the Company.

Mr. Yeghoyan is responsible for the coordination/management and rendering of various accounting services. These services are particularly include:

. Setting up and/or improvement of Accounting system;

. Assistance in setting up Accounting softwares;

. Training of Accounting staff;

. Assistance in conversion process from old accounting system to new accounting system;

. Other accounting services.

Work with KPMG


Work with the Ministry of Finance

Mr. Yeghoyan had an active participation in provision of accounting advisory and ongoing accounting services as an active team member of the work group.

During the working period with the Accounting Services Division of KPMG Armenia CJSC, Mr. Yeghoyan partook in various activities, in particular:

. Foundation of the accounting system, including development of accounting policy, working chart of accounts, as well as manual of frequently used accounting entries, etc.;

. Rehabilitation of accounting systems and improvement of acting systems;

. Maintenance of client’s accounting;

. Consultation on different accounting issues.

It is worth to mention that one of the major programs that was implemented by Mr. Yeghoyan is implementation of Water Meter Installation, Billing and Collecting Support Program that was carried out jointly with Armenian Urban Institute. The target of the Program was to implement an efficacious accounting and financial accounting, as well customer database and billing system in “ArmWaterSewage” CJSC. Within this program, Mr. Yeghoyan participated in development and implementation of accounting and financial accounting system.


Before joining KPMG Armenia CJSC, Mr. Yeghoyan worked in the Department of Accounting and Audit Methodology of the RA Ministry of Finance and Economy and had a direct participation in the:

. development of the RA Law on Accounting;

. development of the RA Law on Cash and Cash Operations;

. development of Armenian Accounting Standards, Chart of Accounts, package of financial statements and instructions to supplements thereof,

. development of other legislative acts regulating accounting sphere in the Republic of Armenia;

. implementation activities of new accounting system in 200 companies having 50% and more state participation;

Apart from the mentioned above, Mr. Yeghoyan has a specialization in the following spheres:

. Accounting and Tax, financial analyses;

. Delivery of lectures in the RA Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards;

. Professional analyses between Armenian Accounting Standards and IFRSs.