Davit Edigaryan

Davit Yedigaryan


 Work with PHP
Davit Yedigaryan is Director and Founding Partner of PHP udit CJSC.
Mr. Yedigaryan leads the company and oversights its
performance to ensure high quality of client service. The ompany provides following services:
  • Audit of IFRS financial statements;
  • Review of financial statements;
  • Agreed upon procedures;
  • Compilation of financial statements;
  • Internal audit and internal control systems set up.
Work with KPMG
Before establishment of PHP Audit CJSC, Mr.
Yedigaryan worked with KPMG Armenia CJSC for 11 years, occupying positions starting from audit Assistant to Head of Audit Department and subsequently to Audit Director.

While working in KPMG Mr. Yedigaryan played a key role in the establishment of KPMG office in Tbilisi and being Audit Director in KPMG Tbilisi office his primary responsibility was development of the office.

During the working period in KPMG Armenia CJSC Mr. Yedigaryan obtained and continually developed audit experience in the industries like financial services, mining and metals, telecommunication, utilities, transportation and logistics, general production, NGOs and other.

Mr. Yedigaryan has wide county experience and the countries of his audit experience include: Republic of Armenia, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Greece, Kazakhstan and Tadzhikistan.